She’s a 37 year old mum of two (not counting the husband or their angel son). She also has another in transit and due for release in Summer 2018, and they all live together in a cosy little Farmhouse in the South of France with their hamsters, cat and goats. Sounds quaint, doesn’t it?

In her head, she’s a Superhero. Keeping the peace, protecting her family, following her dreams and doing her bit for humanity – whilst always looking hot in a skin tight lycra costume.

In reality – she’s just a Mum, and a wimpy one at that; completely winging it, burning the candle, waiting for her parenting certificates and awards for marriage longevity and multi-tasking, constantly fighting the flab, and still wondering what the hell she’s going to do with her life…

Welcome to the Diaries of a Wimpy Mum.


Please note: Shortly after commencing these diaries, tragedy struck in the Wimpy Mum household. As this is a real life insight into her weird and wonderful World, it felt only right that these challenging times be documented for others to read, cry or gain strength from. Wimpy Mum wants to reassure her readers that all clouds have a silver lining and that with the sunshine will come more of her witty and light hearted posts. Thank you!