Rainbows and Butterflies – Part 1

You may have noticed by now that Wimpy Mum is a big believer in signs. Everywhere. Perhaps coincidence or perhaps messages from somewhere beyond our comprehension.

Whatever you may believe, I find these signs to be a great comfort and reassurance, as was the case after we lost Arran two months ago, and after losing my beloved little Nine Lives, Whisky two weeks ago.

The day after Whisky was put to sleep, I was a wreck. I’d not slept for crying and the realisation that this was not a bad dream that I was going to wake from, was dawning on me.

We had already planned to take the boys to see their Grandad who lives a few hours North of us in France, and the long drive was a distraction from the overwhelming emotions of the last 24 hours, and despite being exhausted from lack of sleep, I insisted on driving for the first few hours.

Yet as we stopped half way, to swap driving seats, I noticed the most amazing rainbow in the sky. Just like the one we had seen the day after Arran was born and as we were saying our final goodbyes to him. The rainbow seemed to follow us for the next few hours; it’s arc pouring into the distance, as though it were reaching to where my Dad’s house sat.

And again the following day, whilst driving with my step mum to collect a takeaway for dinner, we were accompanied by the most vivid and vibrant rainbow I think I’ve ever seen, and I childishly pressed my nose to the car window to watch it and capture photos. As I did, I realised there was actually a second rainbow, slightly fainter than the main one, but a second arc of rich colours painted across the skies.

It lifted my spirits untold. My heart which had felt bruised and broken, seemed to beat again. An excited rhythm of love and of knowing, that my little friend I’d said goodbye to the day before, had crossed that bridge into a brighter place. And I even smiled, content with the idea that Arran and Whisky would be together now, and providing companionship to one another wherever they may be.

Believe what you will, but faith and belief provide hope and reassurance in the most desperate of times. For me, these rainbows were a source of comfort, and convince me that those I love so dearly have made it safely to wherever it is they may go, and that our two Worlds are somehow still connected.






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