Four Feet

We met when you were just a kitten

Unwanted runt – yet I was smitten

Your milky lip, your whisker stumps

So perfect you gave me goosebumps

The last remaining of the litter

Those big eyes made my heartbeat flitter

My little four feet stole my heart and would forever more…


And from the corner of my eye

I see your shadow pass me by

I happily turn round to see

Those big green eyes stare up at me

But life it seems can be unfair

For sadly you’re no longer there

As now my little four feet chases lizards in the sky…

I hear the scratching of a claw

To let you in through my back door

Excitedly I turn to see

Your little face stare up at me

Though deep inside my heart I know

It truly was your time to go

I miss my little four feet and I wish you’d come back home…

A cheeky nibble on my knee

To say “Please don’t stop stroking me”

I smile and bow my head to see

Your pleading eyes stare back at me

But when your life came to an end

I feel I lost my dearest friend

My little four feet no one else was there for me like you…

The gentle comfort of your purr

The soft caress of your black fur

The you shaped indent where you’d sit

I close my eyes and cherish it

I prayed and begged and how I tried

But all those desperate tears I cried

Won’t bring my little four feet back home where he’s meant to be

Oh what I’d give for one last chance

To watch you play and pounce and prance

To feel your heartbeat next to mine

Whisper “I love you” one last time

These memories are ours to keep

I hug the box in which you sleep

Before we lay you down to rest

‘Neath the tree which you loved best

From now until again we meet

My heart, for you, will fiercely beat

A song of love and friendship shared… me and little four feet xxx


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