Rainbows and Blossom – Part 2

The beautiful weather was luring us outside, and the boys and I spent hours together in the garden after school, working together to pull up weeds and trim the bushes. The boys teamed up to carry the heavy watering can over to Arran’s tree and water the roots where the little windmill was placed.

Our lawnmower had been in for repair and it seemed we weren’t the only things tempted out by the sunshine. The grass and flowers and dandelions had reached jungle status in just a matter of days.

At first, I felt discouraged by the overgrown wildness of the garden, however, the boys felt quite the opposite. My youngest scooped up dandelions and closing his eyes, made wishes before blowing them as hard as he could. Meanwhile, my eldest gathered daisies which he made into chains, and turned their heads upside down on their stalks (a new trick he learnt at school recently).


The pair of them grabbed a dandelion each and sat on Arran’s bench. As they blew the clocks into the light breeze, my youngest asked if the clocks would float up to where Arran was. I smiled warmly. I hoped they would.


It reminded me of the old saying, that goes something along the lines of:

“There are those that see dandelions as weeds, and there are those that see them as wishes”

How true that is. I picked up a dandelion and joined my boys on the bench, where I blew its feathers high into the sky.

Later that afternoon, the rain came. Only briefly, but enough to leave a beautiful rainbow in the sky. “Look Mummy, it’s reaching down to Arran’s tree” my eldest son said excitedly. He was right. The rainbow seemed to lead directly to the tree, and to where just earlier I had made a wish to always see the World through the innocent eyes of my children.

And turn weeds into wishes.



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