The Isle of Arran

I love life’s little journeys, that you don’t even really realise you’re on until you reach a significant destination or service station along the way.

Today I arrived at one of these little pit stops and I had to write about it.

When our angel was born three weeks ago, their sex could not be determined and we are still awaiting confirmation of their gender. However, we needed for our baby to be named and so decided on a unisex name with a lot of meaning for us: Arran.

Arran was named after the Isle of Arran, a tiny little Island off the West coast of Scotland. It is a stunningly beautiful Island, albeit unknown to most. My husband is Scottish and had friends growing up who lived on the Island, so spent a lot of his youth there. We also had “Arran Aromatic” wedding favours for all of the guests at our wedding, which took place on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Following our wedding, my husband whisked me off to a spa on the Isle of Arran for a weekend’s honeymoon. It’s landscapes and views were mesmirising. Our time spent there was perfect, and we wanted those happy memories to be remembered through our other happy memory: our beautiful baby Arran. Following Arran’s birth we agreed to go back there very soon – and I would highly recommend it to anyone reading this blog.

Now, everyone knows how much I admire Ed Sheeran – and how his music has inspired me throughout the challenges of this last month (it’s not like I talk about it much!!)

Through our love for Ed, a video for a special Comic Relief sketch appeared on my Facebook feed a fortnight ago. It was for a collaboration and recording of a track with the cast of ‘People just do nothing’ – a spoof documentary following the crew of Kurupt FM (a pirate radio station based in London).

I admit – I had never heard of Kurupt FM or their TV show, but we decided to watch an episode – and we were hooked. We have watched all three series in the 14 days since and have begun watching it from the start again. It was just the type of humour needed to get me back fighting physically fit (I guess laughter is the best medicine!)


Ed Sheeran with the Kurupt FM Crew (People Just Do Nothing)

For those of you who perhaps don’t know Wimpy Mum as well as you thought you might, I am a bit of an old skool garage fan and was also a bit of a raver in my younger years (how times change)! So I fully appreciated the sentiments behind “People Just Do Nothing” – as well as the tunes they played throughout the show – and so searched on Spotify for a Kurupt FM playlist, so I could blast out some of the old skool tunes I knew so well in the car – during my school runs (I am so rock n roll!)

I found a playlist which sadly was not as I had expected. There was no Wookie, TJR & Xavier or Artful Dodger, nor was there songs such as “Flowers” or “Love Bug” on the playlist, but I listened to it regardless. And I am SO glad I did.

A song called ‘Crazy Dream’ by a guy called Tom Misch came on, and I immediately fell in love with it. It was really tuneful with smooth guitar rifts throughout it, and a guy rapping gently over the top. It was real easy listening. I did a little digging and found out the guy rapping is called Loyle Carner. And thanks to the wonder of Spotify, I found a playlist for him which I quickly indulged in.

So where exactly am I going with this?

As I scrolled down to look at Loyle’s most popular songs, second on the list made my heart pound a little faster and I gasped out loud.

My husband was beside me and asked what was wrong.

I couldn’t speak. I could only show him…

“The Isle of Arran”

Our precious Angel who was born sleeping just three weeks prior had been named Arran after the beautiful Isle of Arran where my husband and I had spent our honeymoon. Lyle Carner apparently wrote the song with childhood memories in mind of hanging out with his Granddad on the Isle of Arran.

A bit of further google stalking uncovered that Lyle Carner is actually from Croydon where I used to live and work before moving to France in 2015. But hey, that’s just another little coincidence in this story.

My point is that, believe it or not, there are little opportunities, synchronicities and open doors along this journey called life, and signs that appear to us to tell us were on track – or that everything is going to be okay.

From rainbows in the sky to feathers on your car windscreen, the smile of a complete stranger or the words of a song that plays randomly on the radio… I know that Arran is okay.

And you know what – I think we will be too. 🙂


Check out Lyle Carner’s new album: Yesterday’s Gone

While you’re there, check out Tom Misch too.

And not forgetting “People Just Do Nothing” on BBC3 / YouTube

You never know where it may lead you…

IMG_6691Isle of Arran


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