Our precious little angel was born at 1335 on Friday 3rd march 2017.

Three hours after delivery, we got to see our baby. Wrapped in the waterproof pad he was taken in, he was as perfect a masterpiece as we had imagined he’d be. His little hand was tucked under his chin as I do when I am sleeping, and he had his daddy’s nose. Most importantly, he looked as though he was smiling. I lifted his tiny hand on my finger and my heart missed several beats as I looked on in awe at the delicate creation in front of me. My baby. Our baby.

I refer to our baby as ‘he’ for simplicity as the sex will not be determined for another fortnight, and I hate to refer to our baby as ‘it’. We had names chosen for a girl or a boy, but we couldn’t allow our baby to go un named. After our wedding in Loch Lomond, Scotland, my husband and I spent our honeymoon on the beautiful island of Arran. We had so much fun together that weekend and Arran has always remained a very sacred place for us. We spoke of the name some time ago, as I quite liked it for a girl. But it seemed only right that the name of the place that bought us so many happy memories, be given to this happy memory. And so Arran was born.

Initially my husband was reluctant to meet Arran, but we were both so happy he did. It was an intimate moment, and we were not shocked or taken aback at all. Our baby was everything we expected them to be, and from the moment we set eyes on Arran, we fell in love, completely.

I felt an overwhelming sense of peace as I held Arran in my hands. And my husband pointed out that the sun had come out. It truly had. The clouds had dissolved and the beautiful sunshine was pouring in through the window on us, and our little Angel. Beams of golden light glistened on Arran’s translucent skin and highlighted the sheer perfection of every finger and toe, every nail and ear bud. It was a very momentous and special moment, and honoured the birth and transition of Arran into our lives and onto whatever honourable place that now has the pleasure of Arran’s innocent presence.

There is not much more I can say, other than, we may not get to carry out Arran in our arms, but we will always carry him in our hearts.

We love you Arran… more than you will ever know xxx

Our angel born smiling ❤️


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