“After the storm” – a poem for my baby

For Ziggy…

The storm was raging wild outside

The rain fell like my tears

But you, my love, are safe inside

So free your mind from fears

The wind is howling, painful cries

Of love and loss and woe

Stay close, I’ll keep you safe, my love

Until it’s time to go

The rain drums on the window pains

Just like your fragile heart

Which lives inside of mine, my love

And still will when we part

Our time is short, our time is now

Just you and me together

And though you have to leave, my love

Our love will last forever

The sun shines through the darkened clouds

A ray of hope and light

To reassure me when you’re gone

We both will be alright

The sun and rain collide to form

A beautiful rainbow

And as you loosen from my hold

I know you have to go

My love for you will power on

Long after our goodbye

So spread your precious wings my love

And soar into the sky

And when the shadows smother me

And I’m too weak to fight

You’ll be the brightest star, my love

To help me find the light

I’m grateful for the time we shared

Our loss was heaven’s gain

Please wait for me up there, my love

Our hearts will beat again…





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