Kids – who’d have them? Erm… goats!

As suspected, Bambi our pregnant goat decided to give birth on 2nd February. One hour before we were due to leave for England!

I’d been working all morning and was minutes from home when I received the call she had given birth. I flew into our driveway and didn’t even shut the car door and I ran down to the goats pen when I saw her. All helpless and wobbly and covered in birthing goo, cowering in the corner of their barn. I felt instant goat love!

I told the boys to stay away and give them some space, when my eldest son shouted “She’s having another one!” We watched as Bambi curled up on the ground and something started pushing “out” of her. It was purple. Could it be the amniotic sac? Then flop. It landed on the floor and she immediately started licking it. On closer inspection we realised it was the placenta and Bambi ate it! Yummy! Anyone for barbequed placenta.

I was very nervous to leave the baby when it was so young, but my on call goat expert (doesn’t everyone have a Goat Expert in their speed dial) reassured me that goats were natural mothers and that they were best left alone for the first few days to aid their bonding.

We returned several days later to a very cute and very bouncy baby Goat which the boys have named Banane. (I’m sure I dont need to translate, but Banane in English is ‘Banana’). She is extremely tame and love cuddles. Today she even fell asleep as I rocked her in my arms like a baby… You get the idea!

So I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our family. Banane…

Now taking bookings for cuddles, but you’ll have to get in the queue… behind me!



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